Monday, April 23, 2012

I challenge each one of you to show your plastic! Honestly, I'll show you mine and you can show me yours. Yup, right out in the open! One week from today I shall post mine. Will you be ready to view?

Please sign up!

Spotted Salamander

George completed the chicken tractor and when it was moved from the construction site we found a Spotted Salamander underneath it! What a pleasant surprise!

Ambystoma Maculatum

Monday, April 2, 2012

The garden

(wow, i just noticed the day/time stamp.. 12 min shy of exactly 24 hours inbetween.. angles are a bit off but you can clearly see it is the same area)

Pre tilling 3/31/12

Post tilling 4/1/12

I am so excited! 120' long X 50 feet wide. My immediate family has the first 70', my oldest sister the next 30', and a very dear friend of mine the last 30'.  Who needs a gym membership?

George also tilled approx. 30 feet for me to use for our grapes. Wish us luck! We are on a mission to fill our freezer and every canning jar we have! Pesticide free!  NO GMO's!

Chickens will not arrive until May 10th at that point we will have 12 layers and 36 meat birds. Our two pre ordered piglets are scheduled to arrive around the same time. If anyone knows of anyone selling a beef calf please, please , please let us know.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Wild Turkey

Yesterday afternoon while I was away for my daughters first softball scrimmage of the year, my husband had the opportunity to view two separate flocks of wild turkeys wander through our yard. This morning while we were having coffee three hens wandered within five feet of the house on their morning commute. Apparently they are not afraid of the dog which is a wonderful thing to know. I hope they stick around until May 1 which is the opening day of Spring Turkey season in Vermont.  :)
(The rear shed is for our pigs and the near shed is the start of our laying hen coop.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My first blog.

            I remember my ICQ password and my first Yahoo Instant Messaging account name. I remember and still use my hotmail account. I have used MySpace, Yearbook, MSN Instant messaging, Facebook and even Google plus, but this is my first blog, ever. Do these acts make me internet dependent but yet a virgin in this field?

            It is amazing the freedom typing can bring to ones brain activity. Left index finger to the T key, remember to hold down the right shift key with your right pinkie finger to capitalize, followed this by the keys y, p, i, n, g, Typing, such a plain word but a word that yields freedom, expression, and adventure. Energy flowing through ones arms to the tips of the fingers, pressure applied in sequence, words formed, thoughts recorded, sigh......

            I shall attempt to bring a bit of my life to yours.. Please, read with caution, approach with an open mind.. and hell we only live once so feel free to email me at Proof positive that I was not fooling,  I still use my first ever email account.

            My husband of close to nine years, my close to seventeen year old (going on daughter and myself have reserved twelve laying hens, thirty six meat chickens, and two piglets. All of these animals will be arriving at our home all on or about May 10, 2012.

            My family shall be planting eight grape plants, each two years of age. We will be erecting the fencing for the grapes the weekend of March 31-April 1, 2012. We shall also be tilling a 100' X 50' garden, plus three other garden plots for friends and family. All of this plus fifty first year strawberry plants for us to weed out and then enjoy the bounty of. These shall all be planted once the weather allows.

            I shall ramble more plus add pictures once I figure out how to do such things.


~Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life~